Tuesday, August 31, 2010

~ my feling wen i lost u~

yurp !
dyer pena jd owg yg tat rely i LUFT !!
n dyer xpena tawu pown bnd yg saia nk luah ern !
n rhsia tuh msh saia smpan cmpay skuwng !!
*even my besties !
mybe that my FAULT kos not apriciate he !
not change my life becos of person that i LUFT !
mybe its tuh late for that now!
if i got tat chance now,i wil be tat person u want !
I WILL !! *promise u !!

but i epy becose u hav some1 that LUFT u!
even bnd tuh mnyakit ern !
tp saia ttp gmbira tok kbhagian awk !
slalu doa ern yg trBAEK !!
xpena lp tok trus SAYUNK + MIS kamO !
*shit ! saia ngaku b4 ney mmg saia ego nk trus trang !
saia tawu its be tuh late nk bg tawu skuwng !
tp yg pnting saia da luah ern !

*adiah art awk sbb pena wat saia bhgia !

*wink wink
*a***a* a**i

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